We serve all Canadian’s including First Nation communities, their members and others in need of our medical cannabis certification services for medical purposes with a hopeful goal to eradicate the abuse of opiates, percocets, methadone, fentanyl and other mainstream prescription drugs including many other harmful household chemicals that have created a very serious crisis in far too many communities across Canada today. We provide complete on-line holistic and medical marihuana certification services, as well as community & individual awareness consulting services that afford individual clients medicinal marihuana certification for the personal and daily use of medical cannabis through the approved Heath Canada (ACMPR) process.Turtle Island Holistic Medicines is committed to securing every client medical cannabis certification services that every individual across Canada can afford, regardless of geographical remoteness & within the Canadian Federal Government’s new (ACMPR) access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation Program.

Possession and the use of medical marihuana must be authorized by a doctor as a medical treatment & be approved by Health Canada. This is the only legal way to purchase, use and carry medical marihuana in Canada today. Marihuana is a drug that is made up of the leaves, flowers, and buds of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. Medical Marihuana is used in the treatment of many symptoms including back pain, general body pain, nausea, fibromyalgia, IBS, seizures, migraines, lack of appetite and more. We provide education and access to Doctors’ who are educated about and support the use of Medical Marihuana for medical purposes.

Turtle Island Holistic Medicines is committed to working with all Canadians, Non-Native, First Nation & Inuit indigenous individuals & their community leaders providing affordable “legal” medical marijauna certification that allows Canadians’ to have possession of, carry and use medical marihuana. At every step of the way certification paperwork is included within our services to each client as we connect each with a knowledgable, supporting doctor & an approved medical marihuana licensed producer associated with Health Canada.

At Turtle Island Holistic Medicines we believe all individuals, including medical cannabis patients, their friends, families, and supporters throughout all of Canada should be afforded access to a supply of high quality and affordable medical cannabis using MEDICAL MARIHUANA strictly as a medical treatment regardless of income and or geographical remoteness. Our certification authorization by a doctor to become a Canadian licensed medical marihauna patient is easy, fast and affordable, allowing every client to legally possess, carry and use medical marihuana for medical purposes within the laws of Canada.



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