We provide complete on-line medical marihuana certification services from anywhere in Canada, regardless of community remoteness and that every community member can afford. We have also pledged our commitment to work with each of Canada’s 640 individual indigenous communities and their appointed community Health Care Directors’, working within each annual health care budget to help ensure every individual community member has access to and can secure their own “legal” certification for the personal use of medicinal marihuana for medical purposes through an approved Health Canada Licensed Producer. (LP)
We provide dedicated services to Indigenous, First Nation, Inuit and other Non-Native individuals across Canada in need of Health Canada Medical Marihuana Certification that also includes providing First Nation and Inuit Community Consulting Services that encompass Medical Marijauna Awareness and Education seminars. We provide complete on-line medical marihuana certification that includes access to Licensed Doctors' who are educated about and support the use of Medical Marihuana for medical purposes. 
We are dedicated to helping patients find effective treatment for chronic and serious conditions through the use of cannabis prescriptions and medical marihuana. We also offer personalized services that specialize in dealing with Opioid and other prescription addictions. Our mission is to provide each of our clients with the highest level of holistic medicinal marijauna health care services available in order to promote the improved quality of life of oneself through the use of cannabis as medicine. Each certification application and the shared information within is truly 100% confidential. 
Turtle Island Holistic Medicines provides complete indigenous family holistic health care consulting services performed by a dedicated team of professional medical co-ordinators, emphasizing quality product awareness and patient education including an excellent pre-care & after-care customer service program. Our services are comfortable, fast and easy. Every step of the way certification paperwork is included for each individual as we connect each client with a licensed Physician and or Health Care Practitioner for their own personal certification.
Turtle Island Holistic Medicines is committed to remaining at the forefront of the medical marihuana industry through product knowledge and education with the implementation of the latest medical cannabis industry technologies for both our staff and our associated physicians’ to enable Turtle Island Holistic Medicines to provide “legal” medical marihuana certifications and community consulting services for every community & each client, 365 days a year.



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