"Turtle Island Holistic Medicines has helped educate me in finding legal medical cannabis certification where I have found so many different ways to get cannabis medicine into my body. Other than just smoking it, I use juices and cookies and creams. I honestly don’t think I’d be alive today if I didn’t have the support of Turtle Island Holistic Medicines. Cannabis is the only medicine that has helped me cope with my chronic pain and severe arthritis. I am living proof that cannabis can really be a miracle medicine for some as it doesn’t go to my brain, it goes to my pain, thank all the Gods."
Samantha Collingwood, Ontario, 2017
"Both physically and psychologically the use of medical marihuana has had nothing but positive effects for me, the programs offered by Turtle Island Holistic Medicines and their Cannabis Care Team to help addicts with addiction and support, is the kind of program I needed to get back on my feet again, every community needs to experience their caring, good efforts and work. Hats off to Turtle Island Holistic Medicines, thankyou .."
Francis Thunder Bay, Ontario, 2017
"Holistic Medicines reminds me every day that there are still a few strong people in this world that care, that believe and have nothing but compassion for others in what they do. I don’t know how I would have gotten through these last few months if it weren’t for you and the team you have surrounded yourselves with. Thank you Turtle Island for giving me a better quality of life, for keeping me updated, for standing beside me and answering my frivolous questions at times, and always making me feel comfortable. Thank you for an independent life free of pharmaceuticals, street drugs, toxins and radiation …"
Linda Shanty Bay, Ontario, 2017
"I only take my medicine when ‘I’m in pain and suffering, I do not abuse my medication, never have, I am extremely satisfied and pleased with the results. My Turtle Island Medical Co-ordinator has helped me tremendously. There is no healer like cannabis, the plant has never harmed anyone, many patients have been helped by this miracle plant. Seizure free, helps with cancer, arthritis, depression, anxiety, ulcers & so much more. Hopefully we can allow Turtle Island Holistic Medicines to work their magic in many of the communities that are in need today…"
Ralph Peterborough, Ontario, 2017
"Our family could not afford my medication if it was not for the help and guidance I received from my Medical Co-ordinator at Turtle Island Holistic Medicines. Thanks to their guidance I use less methadone and other pain medications now, that have never been good for my body. I sleep more and I feel healthier thanks to cannabis. The folks at Turtle Island have always worked with me to help point me in the right direction, helping me get through the pain regardless of whether or not I can afford it. The help that I have received from the Turtle Island team and their staff has been life saving, life changing. My life would be much more difficult if it was not for this wonderful group of people. They do their job effortlessly with true compassion & care…….. God Bless …"
Sandra North Bay, Ontario, 2017
"My name is William, I am 57 years old. I had been smoking pot on and off since the late 1970’s up until my kids were born in the late 1990’s. Recently, I was in a serious car accident where my daughter and I were hit from behind, I hurt my back, shoulders, left hand and knee. I tried to work since and have found myself just to weak to do any physical labour of any sort, nor can I drive for long periods of time. I stopped smoking marijauna only to find myself drinking way to much alcohol. I spent the first 2 years after my accident in agony and drifting off into deep depression feeling sorry for myself. I tried every legal medicine offered to me but each one seemed to come with worse side effects, until I found the amazing staff at Turtle Island Holistic Medicines who reintroduced myself a 2nd time to legal medical cannabis, not only did the assigned wonderful Medical Co-ordinator make me feel comfortable and like a real person again throughout the entire certification process, they walked me through all the necessary paperwork in a easy, expedient and affordable manner as they introduced me to a supporting medical marijauna physician. Once I received my medical marijauna approval from the Cannabis Care Team Doctor, and all because of the very kind efforts of my Medical Co-ordinator and final Health Canada ACMPR approval as outlined and again secured by my assigned Medical Co-ordinator, I was registered access for the personal use of medicinal marihuana for medical purposes with an approved Health Canada Licensed Producer, (LP), whom to date has been available for me 12 hours out of every day to answer questions that I may have. Sounds like a lot, but it wasn’t at all, Turtle Island Medical Co-ordinators did all the work and now I live everyday with less and sometimes no pain, legally, free and easy. Thank you to Turtle Island Holistic Medicines and your entire team, my family thanks you …"
William Barrie, Ontario, 2017



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